We have big plans for the crypto economy. Here's how we plan to revolutionise it.

Founders Ben, Jan and Joerg were tired of using banks when paying partners and freelancers abroad. High street banks are not only expensive, they’re also painfully slow and are unfit for anyone with crypto.

So our founders figured why not use the fastest, decentralized way to send money? They turned their idea into a reality by launching their own Bitcoin-based money transfer platform, Bitwala.

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April: Raised $910,000 from Digital Currency Group and HTGF
September: Expanded our services to 20 currencies in over 200 countries
December: Integrated Shapeshift and started accepting over 60+ Altcoins

Series A

January: Launched Android & iOS app and added BTC to mobile money services in Africa
March: Won Paris Fintech Award and launched bitcoin based mobile phone topups in 150 countries
May: Opened Business Accounts and won Pioneers Fintech Startup of the Year
July: Raised $1.7million from German investors

We are here
Milestone 1
  • Europe’s largest Lightning Node
  • Expand trading software
  • Card holder reward program
  • Expand APIs
  • Altcoin support
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Milestone 2
  • European bank accounts with IBAN numbers
  • First of its kind Equity Token Generating Event (ETGE) platform
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Milestone 3
  • Full bank license in Germany
  • FIAT pegged tokens
  • Payroll services
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Milestone 4
  • Short term bitcoin loans
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Investment brokerage
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